Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips for Growing Out Short Relaxed Hair

I chopped my hair off and regretted it almost instantly. I am now bent on getting it back to a length below my shoulders and along the way I've picked up some tricks that have given me hope that by the end of this year I will be able to get back most of my length. 

Here are are my tips:

  • Supplements: More than ever, what you eat plays a role in how fast your hair grows. I hear that Biotin is good for skin and hair, so is vitamin E (I personally take this). I can't tell you which supplement will work best for you, but be sure to add one to your diet, whether in capsule form or in actual chew and swallow food
  • Moisturize: moisturize your scalp at least every other day and your ends on the days in between. Dry hair becomes brittle and breaks easily. 
  • Stay away from the scissors: You may think that cutting your hair every six weeks is a good idea, but until you've grown your hair a considerable length stay away from the scissors. Your hair dresser may be tempted to get as close to your original style as possible - so refuse the trim. IF things are really bad then go for not more than an inch every six weeks. Seriously. Unless you're physically splitting your split ends, your hair will be just fine
  • Leave the heat alone - try to only use heat as necessary. Quit blowdrying your hair, put down the curling iron or flat iron. Truth is, hot tools flatten and singe your hair and make it brittle and dry which is basically a disaster for growing hair. 
  • Set your hair, don't wrap it: setting your hair encourages it to retain moisture, it allows for air to pass through the scalp and properly ventilate it, and it protects the ends of your hair. Though wrapping may prevent frizz, it can encourage dryness on the ends of your hair and flatness. Plus your hair keeps its style longer when it is set, than when wrapped
  • Skip the alcohol - check your hair products, anything that lists alcohol in the first five ingredients give it away or throw it out. The alcohol will dry out your hair. Pronto
  • Deep condition the natural way - use natural products to do your deep conditioning treatments. Shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil are great natural products. You can pick these up at Earth Elements in Savannah Plaza
  • Stretch out your relaxer - every month wait an extra week to relax your hair, building up to ten weeks.  If you make sure to set your hair, and deep treat it your hair will look a lot better than you think. Stretching out the relaxer helps your hair to grow back stronger. If you don't think you can do a week at a time then try waiting an extra day.
Everyone's hair grows at different speeds but you can encourage growth if you take care of your hair. You just need to be consistent. I chopped my hair in September, then again in October and I have grown about 2 inches since then. Happy happy joy joy!

Let me know what works for you in the comments below.
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