Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review: Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Intense Moisturizing Conditioner

Last week, I mentioned reviewing several deep conditioners that were readily available on the shelves now and comparing them. This week, we're looking at a pretty popular deep conditioner among persons with natural or relaxed hair. The Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Intense Moisturizing Conditioner has quite a following and I was eager to see whether this would work for me or not. These are my thoughts:


The packaging for this product seems to keep changing every few months but when I got it, it was in a squeeze tube with a grey cap. It had the trademark purple and gold branding and the same brown colour so it wasn't that hard to find but I do know more than one persons who have totally different packaging. This is a slippery sucker in the shower and there isn't anything ergonomic about it - it will slip and slide in your hands if you're using this in the shower. I wouldn't mind if the beauty industry stopped putting products for 'brown-skinned women' in brown packaging -it has understandably tiffed a number of persons.


This was a little over $1000 JMD which was sort of expected because Pantene is considered to be a super brand and this line is supposedly specially formulated for black hair - i.e. lots of gimmicks means it can be priced higher. It's not super expensive and you do get quite a few uses out of it but in the back of my head I feel like I can get other products for better prices.


When you squeeze this out the product is white and the texture reminds me of maybe a lighter lotion. It's very slippery and one friend attributed that to silicone properties - I'm not sure how true this is. When you apply it to your hair, you definitely have to give it a few minutes to soak into the hair shaft. It has a subtle scent that smells to me like a combination of musk and gardenia, and it lingers in your hair for about a day or two before it completely goes away. It is a tad difficult to work into the roots and I have had trouble trying to get it to soak into the hair at that point. 


This feels like a conditioner you use when you've forgotten yours at home - the kind that your hotel provides for you. It's not thick or rich or creamy. It does reduce dryness at the ends of your hair and gives a nice slip to the hair so your hair is smoother than if you hadn't deep conditioned. The best thing about this conditioner is the fact that it makes even muddy brown hair a little shiny for about two days after application. It's a fairly decent conditioner and if you have fine hair maybe this could be an option for you. I'm not in love with it so I wouldn't repurchase but I don't hate it either. All in all I would say this is a fair choice.

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