Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sustainable Style

The problem with 'fashion' is that its always changing, and if you want to keep up with it you'll soon find yourself frustrated and spent, much like dog chasing its own tail.

I've noticed recently, a small niche slowly forming in the industry - sustainable style. I think its a fantastic idea, it means marrying classic pieces with current trends and trends to come.

Classic pieces really just mean basic pieces dressed up, ie styled to represent what is trendy now. For example, a blazer is a classic/basic piece that will never go out of style. What changes is how the blazer is worn. In recent times, blazers are being worn more casually- with jeans and shorts instead of as part of a suit or with sweaters as was the style several years ago.

Sustainable style then emerges when you take basic/classic pieces and transform them so that they are inspired by the current trends. What changes with the seasons, are the elements of an outfit. When you're able to decipher those elements and to transform your pieces in a way that gives a nod to the now, you will inform your own personal sustainable style.

There is ONE rule though: your basic/classic pieces MUST fit well. They absolutely must. Things that are too tight, get rid of them or store them away till you finally do lose those last 5 lbs. Clothes too big, have them taken in; things that are worn, washed out or ill-fitting - replace them. And for your classics, I recommend staying away from polyester - your colour will last longer if you do. Things that are more delicate or have intricate beading, or other design should be hand washed.

Take care of your clothes and you'll feel a little snazzy when you glance over your reflection before you leave the house. (Yes I said snazzier).

More on this another time.... Sleep beckons! (If you need a good tailor, leave a comment and I'll let you know).

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