Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: L'Oreal Damage Erasing Balm

This is the last in the Deep Conditioner Series and I've been more than happy to go through these with you guys to help you figure out which one serves your interest best. The thing about buying new products is that you have no clue if you'll want to keep using it after the first time or not. So, onto this one - the claims are that this is all you need to repair super damaged hair. Summer heat and humidity along with heat styling can fry your hair so after a month of being particularly rough on my hair, I decided that I would give this a try. Here are my thoughts:


There isn't anything particularly fancy about this packaging. It's a light yellow  thick creme that comes in a transparent tub with a black screw-off top. Again, it may slip from you in the shower,( or maybe I'm just clumsy and drop everything?) and could use some grips to be more ergonomic. It travels really well without spilling all over the place so if you carry this on vacation you won't regret it. It has a ton of product in it so you definitely get a bang for your buck and unless you're literally Rapunzel this will last you quite a while.


This was priced at $1100 JMD which is the higher end of reasonable in my book. I have noticed that products containing protein elements are usually more costly than those that are moisturizing. I'm not sure why, but this could probably explain why it's a little more costly than the other L'Oreal conditioners. Again, this is a pretty thick and creamy product so a little goes a long way. 


Alright, the first thing you will notice right off the bat is that this is very very very scented. Think of if your grandmother's strongest perfume broke and you walked into her room - this is how strong this is. Maybe I'm exaggerating but the scent is very strong. The good thing is that it doesn't last past the rinse. You will need a small blob of this about half the size of a golf ball if you have shoulder length hair; more if your hair is longer. It's a tad rubbery so you will need to massage it in into your shaft. I also recommend smoothing this along the ends of your hair, pinning it up and letting it sit under a cap for about 25 minutes so it can do its job. If you use too much it can make your hair limp and a tad rubbery but just enough adds some slip to the hair to help with detangling.


This isn't a moisturizing conditioner -  however it really helps with preventing breakage quite a bit. It strengthens your hair and reduces the amount of hair you lose from combing and brushing and helps your hair stand up to heat styling. I wouldn't use this every week, in fact I alternate this with a moisturizing conditioner. I would say in order to get the proper moisture you need from your conditioner I would say use your normal conditioner before using this deep conditioner or you may end up with brittle hair. Don't be alarmed, this is a normal side effect of using a protein treatment. I would give this a 6/7 out of 10.

What do you think? Have you tried this? Did you like it? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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