Monday, July 27, 2015

Update: Where Have I Been?

 Since we last spoke, a whirlwind of things have been happening and though I've missed blogging I have been forced to prioritize everyday things over being able to sit down for a minute and produce content. Not to worry, they have been mostly good things but they have demanded quite a lot of my time. 

I have pondered whether I should share what's been happening, and how much I should share and I've decided to share only that which will affect this blog moving forward so as to maintain some privacy for my family and myself but still keep you guys in the loop a bit. So I'll stop rambling and give you my updates:

1. We're having a baby!!!

I learnt that contrary to popular belief, you're pregnant for more than nine months. I have found myself seeking out mommy blogs of calm mothers who juggle earning as well as being caregiver and I feel like that will be an added element of the blog in the future. I know that our lives will change beyond anything we can imagine so I am just taking it one day at a time and trying not to figure out how or who I'll be after the birth.

2.  I have closed/ put on hold my jewellery business

When I first started Namesake, I was working for myself and could handle quality control, processing and customer service because I could structure my time. Once I started working for someone else it became a definite struggle. It required using a delivery man, and someone who was unfamiliar with following up with customs and/or customers to handle queries. Further, asking clients to wait eight hours for a response to an inquiry was not a good idea. Eventually, because I could not get the help I needed, we decided to close the store for now.

3. I've been assigned more responsibility

I am now in charge of more than just myself. This means ultimately I have less time for myself at work but more things to do. This has required some massive re-organization in the way I carry out my daily tasks and requires me to learn and carry out management skills I had previously relied on infrequently. I now have to actively work on growing myself as a person and an employee and it's been quite the learning curve.

4. I'm writing a book...

Sigh. I'm writing a book I hope to finish by the end of this year. I feel compelled to write it and to finish it. I will be sharing snippets right here on the blog so you can look out for that. I really really hope you like it and will be able to see my vision and why it's so important for me to write it.

There are many more changes I wish I could share with you. Some you will notice if you pay close attention over time, others will have to remain a secret. I have a new appreciation for personal style and clothes, now that I can't fit into 80%  of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe so I know I will be curating my style and the things I talk about on this blog more carefully from here on out.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this time and look out for more posts in the future.

'til lata,


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